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Residential lending services

Outsourced underwriting and servicing

Our team of experienced underwriters in prime, non-prime and non-conforming lending will underwrite your deals based on your policies and guidelines.

Loan administration

Designed specifically for you – with your logo, tag line and your company colours – Intellifi gives you a branded member experience for all your customer facing documents.

Back up loan servicing

Intellifi offers back up servicing support for lenders, giving you the support you need to ensure your customers are taken care of.

Customer service

Our dedicated team of customer service professionals delivers an exceptional experience to your clients.


Intellifi provides you with the reporting you need to stay up to date with your portfolio. Included in our suite of available reports are origination reporting, investor reports, service level statistics, and customer specific data.

Our leadership team

Vice President and Managing Director, Residential Services
Tara Somerset
Tara oversees our Residential Services team. With more than 22 years of management and executive experience in operations, Tara has a deep background in mortgage lending and servicing, and in her current role, she is responsible for a variety of operations including underwriting, servicing, loss mitigation, and investor relations. In addition, she oversees the project and training teams for Intellifi’s BPO customers. Prior to joining CMLS Financial in 2015, Tara held executive roles with several leading organizations in the residential mortgage industry. Tara was elected to the Mortgage Back Securities Investor Association (MBSIA) Board of Directors in October 2020 and re-elected in 2021 to the Executive Board as Treasurer.
Associate Vice President, Residential Services
Matthew Talbott
Matthew oversees enterprise business opportunities, developing strategy and roll out plans, and identifying gaps in technology and process flows. He acts as the liaison between department end-users, technical analysts, IT analysts, consultants, and partners to support our clients’ change management strategies. Prior to joining CMLS Financial in 2016, Matthew spent 14 years in residential servicing, business analysis, project management, funding, underwriting, quality assurance and sales in the residential mortgage finance industry. He is also a licensed Mortgage Broker in the Province of Alberta. 

Software solutions

We can create a bespoke solution for you with our software and services. Find out more about our software solutions.

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